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GFX library to displaying shapes,images,persian or English letter

The great growth of technology lets the programmers to perform their own programs without the usage of basic resources. 


Screen is a kind of device which is populated among Electronics .To display the data on them,needs programming.


Libraries called GFX are provided for the programmers of in differ categories and their main feature is to speed the forms and prosedures of graphical depiction up .

GFX library uses to make working with screens and depicting shapes , easier .


Also , another responsibility of this library is to display farsi or English letters . Infact this library ables to display images .letters ,as images , are putting next to each other and making letters .


While using color screen ,you would use invaried methods to show images :

 - Mono color

 - Grayscale

 - 16 Color 4bit

 - 256 Color 8bit


The next versions:

 - Images set in the memory as numbers with special structure .

 - To transfer the images into continious numeral and save them as variable figures , you must use Ladybird display application.

 - Also ,to transfer persian letter into numbers,you would use Ladybird persian string .

 - Make a new structure to save the images into memory and to descend the volume of numbers to save into the flash .


Movie How to function


Below are all library files, sample programs, and circuit maps for launch.

 Link Download Version First Version

To purchase the equipment , refer to the link below .

Link RoboticNGO


 There is an application on this site,using for transforming pictures to codes and useful for all of the graphical screens which called Ladybird Display . If you tend to put your favorite picture on your own screen,you can use it . 


Download Program "Ladybird Display"

 It should be noted that this library is used for At90 series , Atiny , Atmega and ATxmega . 

It should be noted that this library supports Arduino boards of the version and upper .

All of the provided code are based on the Ladybird boards and represented in the form of Atmega32A and Atmega32A4u.
It needs some replacement and changes if you are going to use the other microcontrollers .

All of the data within the text are open source . You may like to extend it ,if so ، it will be published by your own signature .

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